Murder in Paradise


Murder in Paradise is a who done it mystery.  This play was originally titled Copy Cat, but after revisiting the story many times, I tried to get a more apt title.  I tried many different titles from Murder in the Canes to The Copy Cat Strangler, but nothing seemed to fit.  After I created the poster for the play, by taking a beautiful daylight scenery of tall green palm trees, and changing it into a sinister blood red scenery, Murder in Paradise was born.

Finding a title for your play or story is very important, at least, for me.  The title guides my play, and now it seems, that the poster will help me achieve my goal in finding titles for my plays.

Theme and research is very important also in writing plays.  If you don’t have a theme you may stall, or run out of gas, or sometimes your story goes in a different direction.  What is my play about?  I asked myself that question 2 years ago.  Now that I’ve let my play sit a while, I can view it in a whole new perspective.  It is still a mystery, but now I have more details about the characters.  I also decided to begin the play near the end at the inciting incident: the death of one of the characters. 

As the play progresses,  I hope to learn more about the characters’ character, and see how they can or may evolve through the telling of their story.

I’ve further decided to adapt my play into a novel. Wish me luck. I believe it will be a better story once I’ve made the necessary changes.


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