Writing Erotica

I find it very difficult to write sexual acts without coming across pornographic. We are taught at an early age that mentioning body parts both clinical and sexual are taboo. My need to write erotica is stymied by using sexual terms.

Some authors have no problem using sexual terms in their novels, and although I do not have an aversion against reading it; it’s another thing to write it into my novels or stories. I feel my writing becomes stilted as I fumble to use the words, or find other words for female and male genitalia. I personally, don’t curse or use vulgar words in everyday life, so using them in my work takes me out of the flow of the story. I guess this is something that I will have to overcome, or find another way to express or convey sexual actions in my novels.

This is becoming more of a challenge than I had originally anticipated. Wish me luck :).


6 thoughts on “Writing Erotica

  1. Remember that you’re a writer telling a story, rather than your story. Remove yourself from the work being written. You can also allude to areas… or sexual acts. I tried writing erotica once. It was very fun and I plan to go back to fix up the story. Good luck to you and your writing!

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  2. That is tough but I am sure you can find a way around it. Follow your dream. Block out what other people will think and free yourself to express yourself.

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    • Thanks. It’s so funny that you should tell me to “free” myself. I came across a quote that told me writing should be “a form of personal freedom.” I feel that way every time I write an erotica story or express my views on this blog. 😀


  3. My stories often begin with romantic euphemisms for the sexual parts, but as the story unfolds, the words become ruder. I like to think that the reader appreciates the subtle shift. ie early on I will refer to ‘her moistening folds’, but finish by liberal use of ‘pussy’ or even (maybe onec) the ‘C’ word as the reader gets (I hope) turned on. Didn’t want to offend there.

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    • Thanks. I began like you said, and then progressed by writing pussy. I wrote that word so many times that I became sick of seeing it. lol. Later I went back and cleaned up the writing. It didn’t have the same feel as when I had originally wrote it… smh. I will revisit “Taboo” and try doing what you advised.


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