Fare or Fair Exchange...

Fare or Fair Exchange…

Excerpt from Taboo
Jodie wondered how she’d gotten into this situation. She was on a large mahogany sleigh bed with white satin sheets; pillows of different color and sizes decorated the floor around the bed. The basement room was painted a stark white; it was almost clinical. The bed dominated the room, while small windows with bars and light floral curtains gave the room some color. There was nothing personal to give character to the room except for the large masculine bed. The room smelled of sex and sweat.

After being greeted at the door by a handsome African male in his early twenties, Jodie had reservations about her 30th birthday gift. What can this young boy know about how to please a woman? He had looked at her with disdain; sized her up and down, and found her lacking. She knew her plain Jane body, diminutive height, and dark complexion were negative factors, but even plain Jane’s needed to get laid.

Then she couldn’t think at all because Luther was slowly pushing against her tight opening. “Let me in baby, relax. Just relax, and let me in.” These words were said over and over by Luther Walters, the town’s male whore. Jodie opened her legs wider on the bed, and took a deep breath as she tried to accommodate Luther’s large girth. Luther rubbed his face between her breasts, sucking and nibbling at her nipples, while he slid slowly in and out of her. The combination was a thrill she would not soon forget. Jodie bucked against him as she thrashed her head.

“Easy baby… slow and easy…. It will feel better against your walls. Yes, that’s it calm down.” Luther’s gentled Jodie with his slow movements and deep guttural voice. Hissing he flexed his hips against her. Gasping Jodie returned the favor. Her lips seeking and searching for something to latch on to; she found one of his wrists next to her head and sucked and licked it, imitating another movement that she would love to give another part of his anatomy.

Luther lowered his body into a plank position, his head between Jodie’s breasts, his feet stretched out toes flexed against the bed as he pushed forward with his toes sliding all the way in and then all the way out. Luther’s breathing increased, his breath rasped from his lungs as he picked up the pace. His heart slamming furiously against his chest, sweat beaded his forehead. Luther bent one knee on the bed and grabbed Jodie’s hips pulling her into his thrusts. Jodie raised her upper body off the bed and grabbed hold of Luther’s ass. Her feet planted firmly on the bed in a bridge, hips elevated, Jodie sucked air through her teeth, her movements frenzied once again. This time Luther did not stop her, instead he lowered both knees to the bed, and raised one of Jodie’s legs to his shoulder and rammed all the way in.

Jodie screamed until her throat was hoarse. Who knew she was a screamer? Jodie always thought women were putting on a show for men when they talked dirty or screamed through an orgasm. Sweat poured off the two as they made guttural sounds. Luther needed more leverage. Although he was enjoying the sensations, he needed to get deeper and move faster. His hard thrusts forced Jodie to grab handfuls of the sheet to steady herself against the pounding her body was receiving. Luther raised her other leg and palmed her ample butt in his large hands. Grinding and flexing his butt, Luther set a fast past towards completion.

“Shit, you are so sweet, so sweet” Luther cried as he reached down and plucked at the place between her legs. Jodie tightened her inner muscles and screamed her release again. Two orgasms in a space of a few minutes, who knew she had it in her? Oh man, oh man… Luther pulled out and flipped her over onto her belly, while raising her onto her knees all in one motion. He entered her from behind slamming in to the hilt. He pulled slowly out until his penis was at the mouth of her sex. Luther continued that slow motion until Jodie was screaming and creaming again. The cream was on her dark chocolate thighs, as sounds emanated from her drenched sex. “I’m coming,” Luther cried as he picked up the pace. His breath coming faster and faster as he rammed harder and harder into her wet center; Jodie squealed and sobbed as she fought for breath and tried to control her orgasm. There was no controlling it as Luther rubbed her nub hidden between her nether lips, while pistoning inside her like a jackhammer. He groaned long and hard. His throat tight, his chest felt like it was about to explode. He quickly pulled out, but wasn’t sure if he made it in time before he came on her upper thighs and buttocks.

Satisfied he slowly fell against her upraised butt, and then they both toppled over onto their sides on the bed. Their breaths sawing through their chests, as they each thought of the exhilarating experience. Neither one of them wanted to be the first to break the silence. Luther hugged Jodie to him; her back to his front as they each thought their own thoughts. Jodie was shocked that she enjoyed this coupling more than she had with her previous boyfriends. What was it about this guy, was it simply that he knew how to please women, or was it something else? Either he was a superb actor or he really enjoyed their bed play. Jodie was afraid to ask, but she wanted to know, because for a while she believed it when her boyfriends blamed her for their less than lackluster performance.

Luther was still in the throes of rhapsody. What was it about this woman that she caused him to lose control? He had forgotten the first rule, always wear a condom; and he had almost forgotten the second rule, pull out before you spill. It had felt… He couldn’t even describe how it had felt to enter her without a condom. Was this how it felt with every woman? Forget that question. He refused to entertain the thought. There was just something about Jodie; there was an innocence about her movements and even the tightness her as he entered that made him believe that she was not used to coupling. Everything about her turned him on. Even now as they lay on their sides, cuddling of all things, he wanted her again. He felt his manhood stir against her buttocks. His handler was going to kill him if he indulged again with this woman. Maybe he can claim… No, she wouldn’t buy that any more than she will buy that he didn’t wear a condom because he forgot. Luther never forgot to protect himself from disease or unwanted pregnancies.

Jodie felt Luther’s penis push between her legs. It was like a living organism seeking entry. Should she open her legs? Oh Lord, what should she do? Her lower half throbbed, and pulsed almost begging for her to accept his nudge against her nether lips. What should she do, pretend that she doesn’t feel it or open her legs as her body is begging her to do?

“Are you asleep?” Luther asked as he rocked back and forth between her thighs. Jodie lifted her top leg minutely and then felt Luther enter her from behind. Groaning she bucked against the intrusion. Luther grabbed her leg and lifted it higher before moving it over his hip. He nuzzled her neck, while his hand moved over her shoulder onto her breast. Damn it! He did it again. Luther could not believe he had entered Jodie without a condom. Damn it. What was it about this woman? He gave up trying to puzzle out why only with her he was not acting like himself and began to enjoy how she made him feel.

He ran his hand slowly over her breast down to her stomach and finally onto her waxed core. He massaged her nub for a bit and then moved back up to her breast following the same tortuous slow motion. Sighing and gasping from the sensations bombarding her, Jodie began to buck against Luther first with small movements and then with faster harder movements and groans.

Luther tried to hold her steady so he could enter her harder, but she fought his hold. Luther pulled out and flipped her to her back, pulling her to the edge of the high bed. On his knees he placed his face between her legs and began greedily eating her as if she was his last meal. Writhing on the bed, Jodie grabbed his shaved head to hold him in place as she ground herself against his teeth and nose.

“You taste like peaches and cream. I’m going to eat you all up,” Luther stated as he came up for air. What did this young boy know about eating pussy? “Oh my God, yes, right there, right there! You know de ting,” screamed Jodie. That young boy can really eat. Jodie’s belly quivered and contracted on every tongue swipe and tongue stab. Jodie sucked in air through her teeth and made hissing sounds.


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