The Meet Up – character contradiction

Love in the afternoon...

Love in the afternoon…

While writing The Meet Up, I didn’t realize that I was using character contradiction, until I visited a writing web site, which described character development. I just thought that sometimes we want something in life and we play two parts. One side wants the thing/goal, while the other side tries to abide by societies law/rules for deportment. If we did everything we wanted to do, society will give us negative labels. Angela wanted to have sex with Steve, but society and family values were keeping her wants in check.

We all go through life wanting something for which our family, or friends will judge us negatively on. Be it the guy your parents think is not good enough for you, or living a dream that others feel that you shouldn’t. For many years I wanted to write erotica romances, but I always wondered what people would think of me, so I wrote dramatic plays (that somehow came across comedic), or philosophical essays; and it became a chore to write. I had even given up on writing, because I never wrote what I wanted to write. I didn’t feel the drive that everyone spoke about. I didn’t wake up wanting to write or go to bed thinking about my characters.

Last Fall 2012, I took a novel writing class, and I poured out all the things I couldn’t write while in college into my novel. The Instructor loved it. Who knew? While writing Perceptions, I prayed that I wasn’t offending the Instructor. I did the opposite. She wasn’t offended. She thought my writing was “very hot,” “very sexy,” “funny,” “fun to read,” “nice climax to sexual tension,” “you’re really good at drama,” “scene needs tightening and polishing, but is basically very well done,” etc. With these glowing critiques from my instructor, they refueled my need to write; but this time around I will write what I enjoy reading. Erotica!


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