The Meet Up

the bridge

Angela had been looking forward to her first Erotica Meet Up! She wondered who the other members were and if they would like her body of work, or would they be disparaging. She entered the unlocked loft apartment. The sexy male voice had told her the door was unlocked when she had pressed the buzzer. The outside looked like an old warehouse, but the inside was decorated in bright colors and schemes. Plush armchairs and bean bags were clustered together in the center of the living room. Smooth jazz played softly in the background. High industrial windows faced the Hudson River. The sun’s rays bounced off the water, which streamed into the loft making everything appear crisp and bright. The kitchen was off the living room, separated by a marble island. State of the art stainless steel appliances (refrigerator, stove, microwave, and convection oven) and stainless steel sink with attachments gleamed. Male cologne permeated the room. Angela wondered if someone had used the fragrance as an air freshener.

“Hello?” Angela’s voice echoed in the cavernous room.

“Coming,” cried a deep voice off to the left. Angela stood hesitant in the doorway. She wondered if she should enter or leave. The place looked very homey. If it had looked like a dump, she would have left already. She heard footsteps and then the most gorgeous man she ever seen entered the room. He looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties, and deeply tanned for a white man. The thought, I wonder if he’s tanned all over, popped into her head. His white teeth lit up his face, and made his eyes appear more blue than they were. His eyes were so blue it seemed as if the sky had entered the room to seek shelter. Broad shoulders, hard abs, and slim hips were the three points that Angela’s eyes touched on before she looked at his outstretched hand. When their hands touched, electricity crackled between them. Angela hissed though her teeth at the shock. He continued to smile unfazed by the contact. Angela could not stop staring at the fine specimen before her. “Hi I’m Steve, and you are?”

Angela forgot her name for a moment. He looked her over from her curvaceous figure to her five feet nine inches height. She knew what she looked like, she looked okay. She wouldn’t call herself plain, but she knew she was not beautiful. Her eyes were her best feature, they have been called exotic, and the color was unusual for a black woman, midnight blue. His assessment of each feature, suggested that he found her attractive. The door opened and closed behind her, and a group of men and women sauntered in talking and laughing. Some of them shouted out greetings to Steve, as they passed him on their way into the living area.

“Hey Steve!”

“What’s up Brother?”

“Cool man.”

“Great place!”

“Wuh, I love what you did in here, brother.”

Their voices overlapped each other. Everyone looked at Angela’s hand still held in Steve’s before moving on into the living room. People started to push the furniture apart into a circle. They sat laughing and talking with each other like old friends. Angela felt out of place with this boisterous group. Everyone was dressed in jeans, sweaters and sneakers.

“May I have my hand back,” Angela asked Steve. He held on. His gaze traveled from her knee-hi black boots, black tights and red mini dress sweater. The sweater made her B cup look like a C. Steve squeezed her hand and leered at her chest before slowly releasing her hand. He ushered her with his hand at her back further into the room before addressing nine people, 6 women and 3 men.

“Hey everyone. Meet our newest member…” He turned toward Angela as he waited for her to say her name.


“Hi Angela,” everyone responded together. It felt like an AA meeting. Everyone staring up at Angela as she faced them feeling slightly embarrassed for no reason.

“So what brought you to this group?” Asked an older white gentleman with thinning hair that was combed over. His jowls flapped as he talked.

“The same thing that brought us doofus,” replied an older white woman with frizzy blond hair. She wore mom jeans up to her breasts. Her breasts looked like two small boiled eggs in her dingy T-shirt, after she removed her sweater.

“Marianne, be nice. You might scare her away. I’m Bernice. She’s Marianne. Scot’s the doofus–”

“Ok, Bernice. She’ll get to know all of us soon,” interrupted Steve. He led Angela over to an empty chair and stood behind her with his hand on her shoulder, gently rubbing and squeezing as he explained the purpose of the meet up. Angela tried to move her shoulder from under his hand, but he did not take the hint. Everyone stared up at him as if he was God and his way was Law.

Fifteen minutes later, Steve asked the group to write a sex scene with a banana in it. “Why a banana?” Asked Angela.

“It’s just a writing exercise. If you feel uncomfortable writing about a banana, choose another fruit,” smiled Steve.

“You don’t have to have sex with the banana,” snickered another writer, “unless you want to.” Everyone thought that was funny except Angela. She really did try to write about a banana, but nothing came to mind. Everyone else was writing pages and pages of stuff. Angela kept hearing pages turning as time ticked away. Steve advised that two minutes were left. He had walked over to an exercise ball and started doing crunches. Angela gave up pretending to write as she watched everyone raced to complete their thoughts on paper. Her eyes roamed over Steve’s body especially the bulge behind his jeans zipper.

When time was up, Steve explained they could either read their piece aloud or give it to another member to read. Bernice read hers. Bernice was African American, about the same age as Angela, in her mid-thirties. She wore the tightest sweater, possibly two sizes smaller than her size. Every time she raised her hand or hands, her tight abs came into view.

“Sandra came home one day from school to find that new neighbors had moved into the house next door. One of the neighbors was a child about her age. He looked like a sad sack. All bony arms and legs. His head was the biggest thing on him. They were both 15 years old, so her mother convinced her to talk to this weird looking kid. She went over to welcome him into the neighborhood. All her friends thought she was crazy to talk to him, but like a dutiful daughter, she obeyed her mom and invited him over to her house the next day. Her parents were going out on a date that night so they could potentially have the place to themselves.”

“The day came and they spent the day saying nothing to each other, as they had nothing in common. Sandra’s mother kept coming into the living room to see if they needed anything. They sat apart on the sofa watching television. As Sandra’s parents got ready to leave. Joshua asked if he could stay a little longer to see the end of the program. Sandra was shaking her head no, but Sandra’s mother give her permission for him to stay as long as he wanted. As soon as the car pulled out the driveway, Joshua turned to Sandra and said, have you ever seen a ripe banana without spots? Of course she had, and wondered what Joshua was getting at. I mean a firm banana not touched by age or weather, so firm that you can hardly bend it. Sandra had to admit that she never saw a banana that could bend. To her knowledge bananas couldn’t bend. They usually snapped if you tried.”

“You want to see one?”


Joshua stood up and so did Sandra thinking that they would have to go to his place to see this unusual banana. He reached for his zipper and pulled it down. Sandra was shocked but still wanted to see what would happen. He pulled out his erection and said, “doesn’t this look like a banana?”

Sandra replied, “it looks more like a fig or a bent stubby pencil to me.”

Everyone burst out laughing at Bernice’s story. No one else wanted to read their story. Steve suggested a break. Angela asked Steve for some water. He said, “help yourself.” Angela walked over to the kitchen area and searched the cupboards for a glass. Steve came up behind her and pressed his erection into her butt, as he reached over her for a glass on a high shelf. Angela gasped but did not move away. She felt liquid pool in her sex. Steve looked into her eyes and smiled, as he handed her the glass. The other members did not notice anything; they were talking, eating, drinking, and laughing. Angela stood for a few minutes with her head down as she tried to collect herself.

“Don’t you want water?”

Angela looked up into Steve’s grinning face, wishing she had water to throw in his gorgeous face. Steve walked to the refrigerator opened the door and waved her onward. She walked on unsteady legs toward the fridge. Angela bent over to look for the water pitcher and felt Steve’s hand caress her ass. Angela was so shocked by his boldness that she stood frozen in front of the fridge door unable to move. She wanted to do something to shock him, and stop him from taking such liberties, although she found it highly stimulating. She grabbed a small bottled water from the door and tried to slam the fridge. The door slowly closed without any noise. Angela marched over to the cupboard and placed the glass on the counter, before heading back to the living room. Still smiling Steve watched Angela’s approach. As she got within touching distance, she reached over and grabbed his crotch. He made a humming sound and then sucked air through his teeth. She gently fondled him. Smiling into her eyes he watched her walk back to the group.

People started packing up an hour later. Some had errands to run, others had prior engagements. Angela knew she had to escape as soon as possible, but she wanted to stay. As she grabbed her stuff to leave, Steve asked, “Angela, do you mind staying for a few minutes? There’s something I need to discuss with you.” The rest of the group looked puzzled by his request, but no one commented.

“Umm… will it take… I have… I need to be going,” Angela stammered.

“Just a few minutes. See you guys next week!” Steve ushered everyone as a group out the door. Angela was scared. She was sorry that she had become so bold with him, but she had liked the weight and the feel of the package he carried in his jeans. She licked her lips and her eyes zeroed in on his erection.

“You were very naughty today. I couldn’t concentrate after you touched me,” stated Steve.

“What about you?”

“What about me? From the moment I saw you, I wanted to fuck you. Oh God, look at those breasts, they’re just begging for it.”

“What… What, you want to talk about?”

“Don’t be naive. I don’t want to talk, unless you’re going to tell me how much you want me right now.”

“I don’t even know you.”

“But you want me. Don’t lie. I’ve seen how you’ve been eyeing my crotch all day.”

“Why you got to talk like that? If you don’t have anything else to say to me, I’m going.”

“I have a lot to say to you. I want you. I want you till my cock feels like it’s going to explode if I don’t have you right this minute.”

“Listen, I didn’t come here for this.” Although Angela’s mouth was spouting the correct words, her heart and sex were begging her to stop talking and give in. Her nipples were hard and hurting from his dirty talk. She loved when guys talked nasty to her. She wished he would stop talking and just grab her already. Oh God, please touch me already.

“You want me as much as I want you. I know you do. Do you want to see him, do you want me to introduce you to him?”

“No thanks,” Angela choked the words out. Please, please let me see him.

Steve reached for his zipper and slowly eased it down the track. Angela’s eyes were glued to the front of his jeans. Her breath was labored, as if she had ran a marathon. She trembled. Her arms longed to come up and caress her tortured nipples and breasts. She crossed her legs, when Steve reached inside his pants and pulled out his penis. It was long and broad. It glistened at its head.

Angela wondered how it would taste and feel in her mouth. She licked her lips and Steve hissed, while his penis twitched between his fingers. She squeezed her legs together trying to hold in the feelings that were racing through her body.

“I… I have to go. I’m meeting some… movies.” Angela could not complete her sentence, all she could think about was that long erection sliding between her upper and lower lips.

“What am I suppose to do about this?” Steve caressed his penis, while watching her mouth. Angela felt it like a tactile sensation. She licked her lips and he groaned, closing his eyes for a brief moment. He pulled at his organ and began to move his hips. Breath hissing from between his lips. Angela did not know how long she watched him before her feet became unglued, and she took a tentative step towards him. She snapped out of the daze by looking away from his hand rapid movements.

“You seem to be doing a good job on your own.”

“Yeah, you think so. I think I could use some help with maybe your mouth or that haven you sheltering behind all them clothes.”

“Steve, I don’t know what type of woman you think I am, but I don’t do one night stands!”

“Who said anything about one night? I know I’ll need more than one night with you. We’re both grown ups here. We both want each other. I don’t see the problem.”

“I don’t sleep around. I can’t believe you just said that.”

“Look if you’re not going to sleep with me, maybe it’s better that you leave. See you next week.”

“You expect me to come back? You must be crazy.”

“How’re we going to get to know each other, if you don’t come back?” Steve tried stuffing his erection back in his pants. It was so stiff that he was having trouble.

To be continued…


6 thoughts on “The Meet Up

  1. Some hot writing …. I like how you can see the struggle as she battles with giving in to her desires and being a good girl and not that girl Though in my opinion the Steve character is a bit of a dick jerk.
    There is some playful teasing and a promise for more I like

    Liked by 1 person

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