Perceptions – The Kiss

Excerpt from “Perceptions” novel
Traci felt each breath he took as his chest expanded and brushed against her breasts. She held her breath afraid to breathe in his scent. Her nipples tightened and ached for firmer contact. Her arms longed to pull him closer and rub her body against him. He’s your brother! No he’s not; he’s only related to me by marriage. I can’t believe I’m having a conversation with myself at a time like this. What’s wrong with having this conversation? You have to decide if you’re willing to jump your brother or not. He’s not my brother… sheesh! I wonder what he’s thinking about. Is he thinking that I’m all grown up and… OMG, I just felt him tremble against me. What does that mean? Move Traci, get away from him. Talk about the weather. Mouth… open your mouth! What if I open my mouth and it tries to seek his lips?

Traci felt Raun’s big hands rubbed up and down her arms. She first looked at his right hand and then his left in disbelief before she lifted her face. Traci stared into his hooded honey colored eyes, which beckoned and promised to fulfill every salacious thought that ran though her mind. She watched him moistened his lips as his head lowered. As if in a dream she felt those lips lightly touch hers; then she smelled the sweetness of his breath as his mouth opened over her mouth. She trembled. She inhaled his scent. Heat fluttered in her belly and pooled between her legs. Her head angled to the side as her hands came up to rest tentatively on his muscular shoulders. Lips slightly parted sipped at his lips. His tongue flicked like butterfly wings and then a she felt his tongue against her teeth as it sought entrance. A gasped escaped. Her arms seemed to move on their own, one minute her hands were at her side and the next they were clutching his head. Holding his face steady as her tongue dueled with his. Breath suspended, they ate at each other lips. His hands traveled from her arms to her back, and then over her butt. He pulled her closer and rubbed his lower body against hers. Traci felt off balance. She wanted to crawl up his body. She needed to be horizontal, now!


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