Excerpt from Perceptions novel (adults only):



The lamp next to the bed illuminated the room with its bright glare. Traci noticed Raun’s caramel upper hairless defined chest and abs. The comforter covered the lower part of his body.
“Take off that ridiculous gown. What the hell are you wearing anyway?” Raun laughed. The window rattled, the roof creaked, and annoying car alarms rang through the night; gusted and buffeted by the wind. Traci plucked at the high necked gown while she asked in shaky halting speech, “Can I keep it on?”
Raun stared into her eyes before he replied, “For now.” The light from the lamp flickered. He lifted a corner of the comforter in invitation. The light did not penetrate to what lay under the comforter. He was lying in the middle of the queen sized bed he had bought after his arrival. He had took a disgusted look at the single twin bed in her den/computer room, and said, “Hell no, my six foot frame can’t fit on that little bed!” Traci had tried to talk him out of buying a larger one, as he had his own home in New Jersey. Oh my God! I didn’t give his home a second thought! “OMG, do you know if your house is okay? Here I am worried about myself and your home could be six feet under water or washed away.”
“Breathe. My home is fine.”
“How do you know? Do you have someone looking after the place for you?”
“It’s not important. Get in.”
Traci walked towards the bed. She got in facing him. She rested her hand on his naked chest. “How can you say it’s not important? What if your house gets destroyed?”
“There’s nothing I can do right now. All the bridges and tunnels are close. Mass transit is not running. Come here and give me some loving, sugar.”
Traci sighed. Her body trembled. She breathed in his intoxicating scent.


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