The beginning of wisdom, is knowing who you are…

Welcome to H.E.A.! Bring your appetite for love, romance, and intrigue.

When I introduce myself as an erotic writer, the response I usually receive is “Really?” It is said in a tone that always makes me wish that my mom had given me a different Christian name.

Mary (shudder) is writing about sex! Well, I don’t see why not, isn’t it because of sex that we are all on this planet? I don’t find the act, or the way we feel when we make love dirty.

I want to write about erotica, because when you’ve met the right person who can touch you, and make you explode with a release that saps your strength, and leaves you deaf, blind, and hoarse, you know you’ve experienced the most sublime pleasure EVER!

I invite you to read, enjoy, and comment on excerpts from my novel Perceptions, book reviews, and erotic short stories!

My Posting Schedule

  • Romance book reviews: once a week
  • Either Perceptions excerpts, erotic short stories, publishing news, and/or my thoughts on writing: twice a week

Thank you for visiting. I appreciate all comments.


29 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, could I request you to visit my blog and leave a note via the contact page so I could connect with you via email. This is about a possible storyline I am thinking about.

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      • Hi, Thanks for writing to me. I did read your mail but then got busy with revamping my blog which was in the works for long. Your mail is in my to-do list. Shall shortly revert to your mail. I wish to collaborate on an upcoming post. Will explain in detail via email.

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  2. Nice to visit your site. Yes, the title will raise eye brows but I never judge superficially. I am convinced you’ll do a great job with your blog. Everything created by God is good. It depends on how we use it. Intelligence is good but can also lead to harm. I’ll be reading your posts and hope you enjoy the blogging journey.

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    • I am now following you Shiva. I was up late reading and commenting on your blog when my iPad cried out for sustenance. I left it juicing, turned to my computer, and got caught on a story I was editing before heading for bed. Thanks again for following me. Appreciate it.

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